Shower Ideas - to retrofit the bathroom with rain shower

The rain shower provides the ultimate bathing pleasure. Therefore, more and more builders decide. Especially in new buildings this is quite simple - the water line is designed and installed in accordance with from the beginning. But even in old buildings, it is possible to retrofit the bathroom with a rain shower. And these shower ideas come to help.

Shower ideas - the installation of a rain shower
The rain shower is inspired by the warm exotic jungles. There, people enjoy both the warm rain, and the relaxed power of a waterfall. Exactly this effect should achieve a matching shower head. Both the valve itself, and the water line to play a role. The experts suggest therefore, to first measure the water pressure with manometer. The manufacturer of rain showers usually specify the required values ​​- if they are available, instead of the old can easily a new rain shower head be screwed. Otherwise, the installation of a floor-level shower is necessary - it generates a drain pan is first installed at the bottom which means the floor tiles need to be removed, then in the wall of the new inflow tube mounted wall tiles also need to get away. Depending on whether the shower head is mounted on the wall or on the ceiling, are more renovations also necessary.

In summary - is to retrofit a rain shower possible with how much effort is required to perform this task depends more to do with the specifics of your own bathroom and water line. It is worthwhile in any case to let the experts advise before reconstruction - otherwise there is the risk that the rain shower did not function properly.

Shower Ideas - rain shower on the ceiling with light system

Rain shower without shower cubicle but with walk-floor drain

Rain shower with lime plaster on the wall and gravel

Modern shower ideas - shower cubicle with rain shower

Shower Ideas - marble walls and mosaic tiles

The rain shower can be retrofitted in existing buildings - at least with more effort

Especially good it looks, if the shower stall has a window

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